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Long answers to simple questions

First I would like to welcome you to our new blog platform. After switching web developers, I realized I had mistakingly not saved any of the previous blog posts... so whether or not we wanted a fresh start, here we are! I started writing blog posts to help answer my most asked questions, whether it be about myself or referring to interior design, business, etc. What I have realized about myself in the recent months, as a store owner, is that people like to make small talk when they come in to shop. Another realization I have made, is that I am absolutely terrible at making small talk when people are asking me questions about myself. The truth is that I just feel like I have so many life lessons to share, regardless of my age. With that, I figured maybe its best for everyone if I just get them all out in a blog post so that I don't feel inclined to share my life story with a stranger who asks me, "so how did you get into this business?"

So how did you get into this business?

Natty West got its name on a girls night with my mom (and business partner), and we just wanted to come up with a business name if we were to ever have one in the future. We came up with Natty West, Natty meaning 'smart and fashionable' and West coming from the both of us originating from the west coast. About a year later, we got to talking about pipe dream businesses and decided we would give something a try that would be a low cost investment but that could yield a significant income for us to potentially afford some of those dreams in the long run. We ended up discovering candles were a passion project of ours, being that my mom has serious sensitivities to certain chemicals that are in big brand candles and fragrances. I grew up knowing we couldn't walk into Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works without my mom getting a major headache. So we did our research, and we found one of the most common triggers for headaches in fragrances are carcinogenic ingredients commonly used as preservatives, enhancers, carriers, and solvents. One of the biggest offenders, are phthalates (th-ay-lates). We found a great solution to this issue that follows the guidelines of the Research Institute of Fragrance Materials (RIFM). The RIFM follows California state laws, which have the most strict laws in The U.S. for fragrance materials. With our fragrance materials being safe, using a soy-vegetable wax blend, and using lead-free wicks, we have formulated a candle that will not trigger sensitivities to unhealthy carcinogens. Now, my mom who was never able to burn candles, is able to enjoy them whenever she pleases! We want to allow others to experience the same.

As for the store itself, it wasn't even on our radar until January! The location we are in used to be home to the Redemption Bookstore. The owner was retiring, and she offered to get us in touch with her landlord. In short, we signed a lease two weeks later! We has known for years that we wanted more than just an online candle business, but now we had to figure out what it was that we were going to do. Ultimately, we decided on home decor and locally curated goods made by businesses without a brick and mortar. Luckily, we had made so many connections at different markets and pop-up events, that stocking the store was relatively easy! Since we opened on March 1st, we have done some fine tuning to our business model and now offer interior design services as well.

So I'm guessing you got your degree in business?

What's your favorite part of being a business owner?

Well, I did warn you!

Thanks for reading, please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions!

- Hannah

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