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How to support your favorite businesses for free in 2022

Do you love social sharing your favorite products and businesses, but aren’t sure what the best ways to do that are? You are in the right place!

I will be sharing with you some simple ways to support your favorite local businesses and products, along with a step by step guide to creating an image or video to showcase your items!

Let’s start with a few simple ways to support a local business for FREE!

    1.    TELL your friends about products and business you love! Word of mouth is extremely important when it comes to helping out a local business that you love for free!

    2.    SHARE their POSTS on social media! Are they having a sale? Featuring a favorite product/service you love? Upcoming event? Share share share! It simple and takes seconds to do.

    3.    LIKE & COMMENT on their posts and pictures. This helps boost engagement so their posts are seen by more people, which results in more exposure for their services or products!

    4.    Lastly, share PICTURES or VIDEOS showcasing the products or services you love! Not sure how to make a video? Many businesses either have social media support on staff or the owner will have basic knowledge on how to navigate social media. Take a few clips and send them to your friend to edit if you are not sure how! With that being said, I will be walking you through some tips and tricks to create an image/video of your own with just your cellphone!

I won’t deny that I love shopping, but I especially love that we have so many incredible businesses in the Driftless region that make supporting local even more amazing! One of them specifically that has caught my eye and my heart is Natty West. I have found the prettiest home decor, amazing candles, and not to mention some of the best gifts! I’m so excited to share some of my recent picks. Head over to Instagram to check out reels/images that I made with a few products I’m personally in love with! Before you go, check out some simple tips and tricks to get a picture or video of some of your products to share as well. My most recent shopping trip resulted in leaving with the most amazing Maple Bourbon Candle and a caffeine free loose leaf tea and steeper to enjoy one of my favorite beverages as we head into fall weather!

Capturing your favorite products to share:

    1.    Find a clutter free surface. This is not to pretend like you live in a perfectly kept home (I sure don’t!), but more importantly to take away elements that can distract from the product you want to share. I love to clear a space on my kitchen counter, desk, dining room table, or go outside!

    2.    Clean your phone camera. Sometimes we don’t even realize, but it can collect dust or fog up. Take a second to make sure it’s wiped off and looks clear!

    3.    Adequate lighting. This will help so that you can see the product clearly. You do not need a fancy ring light. A window with natural light or going outside makes a huge difference when it comes to taking a picture or video!

    4.    Find a flat surface or keep a steady hand while filming or taking a portrait. This will make your transitions much smoother and result in clips/pictures that are not blurry!

    5.    Go easy on the filters. Sometimes too many adjustments or filters can change the look of a product. If you have a certain style or vibe that requires a filter, then of course it is understandable to want to create a cohesive look for your feed!

    6.     If you are making a video or reel, choose a song or audio that feels like the message you are wanting to portray! Is the product you are sharing fun and silly? You could choose an upbeat sound or funny audio! Is your product calming and natural? Maybe go for something more relaxing! Have fun and play around with different audios until it feels right to you.

    7.    Lastly, TAG & SHARE! Tagging your favorite businesses and products, helps people find them with ease. This is free and simple to do!

My hope is that you have found some helpful tips to create your own image or video to share your favorite products or small businesses! Try these out and tag us both so we can see what you come up with. For small businesses this makes a HUGE difference!

Want to learn more about creating content for social media? Let’s connect!

Name: Kathleen Pielhop

IG: kathleenpielhop

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