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Flannel Fest Activities, Events, and Schedule

Flannel Fest will host a variety of events including a Broken Wrist Records live music show, an Alpaca exhibit, Trick or Treating, and more.

Broken Wrist Records

Having a band or solo musicians was definitely something we wanted to have last year at Flannel Fest but at the time we only had a few weeks to throw this event together and nobody we wanted to have there to play was free. This year, we are extremely blessed with having Broken Wrist Records hosting our live music event. With 4 different artists/groups, we should have live music through most of the event.

Live Music Schedule

11:00am Payton Eilers

12:15pm Andy Hughes

1:30pm Marc LaMere

2:45pm Anima

Alpaca Exhibit

If you went to Flannel Fest in 2021, you got to experience the Alpaca/Horse Farm! The owners, Marty and Jen Koop, are so excited to bring their alpacas back to Flannel Fest in 2022. With the location change, there will of course be limits on how many alpacas can be at the event. Despite this first time challenge of taking alpacas to a festival, they will be bringing two of their best boys, "Regalo" and "Tank", who were bred and born on the Natty West Alpaca Farm.

If you are wondering more about them, the owners of Natty West Alpacas tell us they are,"located in the Coulee Region of Western Wisconsin. Our select herd is chosen and bred for beautiful fleece, but also large and robust bone with phenotypically correct conformation. Health and wellness of our animals is priority. Hands on, personalized care is made possible through our small herd approach. You can be confident that animals from Natty West Alpacas will be healthy, happy and correct." If you have any interest in living the alpaca farmer lifestyle, you can reach out to them on their Open Herd page, or on Facebook.

Trick or Treating

As Flannel Fest will take place the day before Halloween, we are encouraging families to come and trick or treat with us. Market vendors will have the option of participating in the trick or treating event, and so in order to help parents and kids identify who is participating in handing out candy, you will want to look for a large candy corn sticker on their tent! We are also very lucky to have the Onalaska Police Department participating in the trick or treating event. So keep an eye out for an officer when collecting your candy treasure! Natty West will have its very own trick or treating booth outside the store as well. We encourage family friendly costumes and of course having lots of fun!

Yard Games

There will be yard games near the seating area to allow certain shoppers' husbands/significant others to have something to do after they check out Flanouflage, Carbon Cannabis, Hazel Burr Design, and the food scene. We will have something for EVERYONE! ha!


There will be ample parking in the parking lot, both North and South of the event. Handicap parking spaces will also be available, and the bus route will remain open! If you have any questions regarding parking, please let us know.

Thanks for reading more about Flannel Fest! We are so excited to see you there. Make sure to head to Facebook and mark yourself as GOING to the event!

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