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Fresh Fridays

Fresh Fridays at Natty West is a micro farmers market where you can find all the goodies you need. It takes place at the store from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm  (or until items are sold out) on Fridays between April and mid-October.


Natty West is known to have the best vendors and consignors in our store, from skin care to home decor, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring you a new set of talented vendors who can make magic in their kitchens and gardens. Some of our current vendors that have been a part of Fresh Fridays include Heritage Bakes Sourdough Bread, Sugar Mama Cookies, Good Granola, Waddles Bakery, and Happy Hills Flower Farm, and we can’t wait for you to find out who else plans to join…

We are excited to bring you coffee, locally made brands, and fresh produce later this summer, so be on the lookout for emails and posts about that. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs grown from gardens and farms in our communities aren't something you see too often at a boutique and home goods store which is why we are so excited about Fresh Fridays. We want to not only give vendors new opportunities, but also be able to help put healthy and locally made goods on your table.


Small businesses thrive because of word-of-mouth, so we created these tote bags to help spark conversation and spread the word about Fresh Fridays. They are seriously the best quality canvas tote, not to mention they are the perfect size. Not only are they incredibly cute, but it will help us all save paper bags which is SO important. We are always doing our best to work toward sustainability, and we hope you join us in that effort!


If you are an interested vendor, we would LOVE to put you in our schedule. Send an email over to and we will be in contact with you. Another option is to fill out this form here. We are always looking for a wide variety of vendors from produce, to desserts, to coffee, to whatever food you can think of. We also include one spot per week for a non-food locally made vendor.  To help coordinate this event, we just ask $20 from our vendors! 

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Can’t wait to see you.

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